I have tried the websocket_messaging (gluon/contrib/websocket_messaging.py)
on a Windows 10 laptop - it works very fine!

The next step was an impementation on a Linux machine (Ubuntu 14.04.4, last
Web2py version 2.14.6)

The line

websocket_send('http://localhost:8888', form.vars.message, 'mykey',

​works, because after entering "aa" the tornado servers send something like

1474441282.49:MESSAGE to mygroup:aa

to the console.

But the javascript console shows an error:

WebSocket connection to 'ws://localhost:8888/realtime/mygroup' failed:
Error in connection establishment:
net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSEDweb2py_websocket @ web2py.js:458(anonymous
function) @ index:96j @ jquery.js:2fireWith @ jquery.js:2ready @
jquery.js:2J @ jquery.js:2

​What is wrong? Any ideas?
Regards, Martin

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