Here's a simple controller using an SQLFORM.grid w/ selectable:

    def open_requests():
        print 'Req: %r' % request.vars
        query = ...
        form = SQLFORM.grid(query, csv=False, details=False, deletable=False
, editable=False, searchable=False, create=False,
            selectable = lambda ids : None)
        return locals()

This, as expected, puts a checkbox on each row.  If I select two rows and 
hit Submit, I get the following printed from the server:

Req: <Storage {'records': ['142', '196'], '_formkey': 
'0720df2b-6449-43c8-a6b7-6c89dfdebcd3', '_signature': 
'cbc73b5fbdc8e5961830efbe3f672f35a41d6771', '_formname': 'web2py_grid'}>
Req: <Storage {'_signature': 'cbc73b5fbdc8e5961830efbe3f672f35a41d6771'}>

The section of the online book about this says the lambda in the selectable 
should be a redirect; when it was, I still got 2 requests, but the second 
had an added var w/ the selected IDs.

Is this the correct behavior?  If so, what is the reasoning behind it, and 
did I miss the explanation in the book?  

I'm using version 2.14.6

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