postgresql is fairly supported. on top of the usual suspects, qlikview and 
tableau are really great, if you can spend some money.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016 at 7:21:37 PM UTC+2, Alex Glaros wrote:
> Using Postgres to store web2py transactional data. Any advice regarding 
> data warehouse choice in terms of ease of data transfer, compatibility, 
> etc.  
> If their roles are  so separate that compatibility is not relevant, am 
> still curious regarding:
>    - What people are using and would like to hear about working examples. 
>    - What method are you using to migrate data to the DW: Migration 
>    script, Talend, etc.?
> The use case is government DW for business data analytics and 
> client-controlled/created reports.
> thanks
> Alex Glaros

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