Here have some methods to manage users arround groups:

Specially method :

auth.add_membership(group_id, user_id)

That add a user to the group , then you search the group, if ( business and 
individual ) , then make a "if" ,checking the choice and insert.

Em terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2016 22:54:48 UTC-3, Joe Lwe escreveu:
> Hello,
> a)How can i specify automatic group assignment on creation of user based 
> on a particular condition.
> Consider, on signup form a user can select if he is registering as a 
> business or an individual..
> if user selects business account is automatically assigned group business
> else assigned to individual group.
> b)how can i enforce group access control on forms/tables.. i have seen e.g
> @auth.requires_login()
>     def function ():
>        form = crud(db.tablename, next = '')
>        return dict(form=form)
> based on the above its like anyone who can login  will have access to the 
> function.
> Thanks those above are troubling me.. thanks so much for your help.. (am a 
> newbie i like web2py thx for your efforts in the project)

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