Some times I want my applications to resize somewhere else and I do not 
want all the apps in one subfolder. One reason is that may have a project 
that is larger and includes a web2py application and want the whole project 
under version control. The project may include a cordova app, or some other 
files that do not belong to a web2py app. The project itself may contain 
more than one web2py app but not web2py itself.

My solution is to simply create a symbolic link under the 
web2py/applications folder.

In fact for me init is always a symbolic link to another existing app.


On Thursday, 13 October 2016 05:58:10 UTC-5, Marlysson Silva wrote:
> but why you want to separate the applications of framework ?
> Em terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2016 22:54:40 UTC-3, Terrence Monroe 
> escreveu:
>> Hello, in looking over the web2py deployment chapter for Unix/Apache, it 
>> seems that one is expected to place their applications directly in the 
>> applications folder of the web2py distribution.
>> In other words, there seems to be no easy way to separate the location of 
>> the web2py distribution from the applications you wish to use with it.
>> In my ideal world, I would install web2py in /home/www-data and my 
>> applications would be completely separate in 
>> /home/terrencebrannon/yadayadayada
>> Is this type of separation possible?

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