That's a lot of code to review. You're probably going to have to do some 
digging and narrow it down for us. I did see one problem, though:

class IS_BARCODE_AVAILABLE(object):     
    T = current.T

You can't use current in a class attribute (for the same reason it can't be 
used at the top level of a module -- it's value will be fixed at the first 
import, though it is a thread-local object that should change with every 


On Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 9:28:44 PM UTC-4, 
> Hello im an developing an opensource POS (link 
> <>) using web2py, 
> everything is fine except that on my development environment and in a 
> production server, my app memory usage grows without limits, it does not 
> crash the server however sometimes i get python MemoryError's, things like 
> error: 
> unpack_from requires a buffer of at least 5 bytes 
> <> or postgres memory errors 
> in the production server, in my development environment i see the memory 
> grow by 3 to 6 MB for every request, i dont know what is causing this 
> behavior, i am not using caching. any help appreciated.

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