Hello, I would like to build upon a previous discussion about creating
a FAQ in web2py:

I like the data model discussed there:

And I completely understand how to unroll it in a view:
{{for faq in db(db.faq).select():}}
  {{ =H3(T(faq.question))}}

But one thing I do not know how to do completely would be to only
display the questions upon initial page load and then when the
question (or a plus-sign next to the question) is clicked, the answer
is dynamically retrieved and inserted beneath the question. Sort of
like an accordion.

I would like to step through my thinking towards an answer. But I
would appreciate some help when it comes to registering a Javascript
onclick event and rewriting the DOM via a Javascript tag.

The first thing we need to do is to simply render the question and
create a placeholder div for the ajax-loaded answer:
{{for i, faq in enumerate(db(db.faq).select()):}}
  {{ =H3(T(faq.question))}}

The controller would look something like this:
def faq():
    faq = db.faq(request.args(0, cast=int))
    return dict(faq=faq)

And the view/faq.load view would be something like

But I do not see how to instruct web2py to take a click event on the
FAQ question and pass the faq.id to the controller as a request.args
so that it can retrieve the FAQ and call the .load
component. Furthermore, I dont see how to get the DIV generated in the
load component to replace the specific div that should be replaced in
the view.

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