You can do a loop in the view -- just prepare a data structure in the 
controller and pass it to the view (i.e., move the queries to the 
controller). Actually, you can probably just do a single query including 
all items in taxonomy_set (and orderby that field) -- then just send the 
entire Rows object to the view and loop through it. Note, you should also 
probably avoid using the .render() method to translate each foreign key to 
its represented value, as that will issue a separate database query for 
each item. Instead, maybe change your query to do a join and include the 
relevant fields from the foreign table.


On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 5:34:02 PM UTC-4, Alex Glaros wrote:
> thanks Massimo and Anthony
> it's working now but don't know how to get around writing a loop in the 
> view.  Can you please explain in general principles how to get loop written 
> in controller to display in view?

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