I like Python too but heck if you're that well versed in .NET I'd just do 
ASP.NET and use a nice grid:

Done and done.

On Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 2:08:18 PM UTC-5, Gabor Nyul wrote:
> First of all thanks for the hints.
> So it means that the web2py's integrated grid will not be suitable for my 
> needs. Bad luck. :-(
> Then here is a stupid and somehow provocative ( :-) ) question: What is 
> the value add of web2py (compared for example to flask or bottle) if in 
> every case I have to use an external javascript library like Datatable, or 
> slickgrid, or Tabulator?
> Now regarding your concern (normally I am saying exactly like you, nobody 
> is able to check some thousands rows, but in fact... well, yes. They are 
> doing it. Actually in Excel) about the number of rows, here are some 
> explanations:
> Those reports are about our activity and each department is analyzing 
> their activities for the past, as well as for the coming several weeks.
> So the initial reports are extracted from a huge database of hundreds of 
> millions of records. So the size of the reports are from some hundred to at 
> most, let's say 25000 records.
> After that the users are starting "working" on the data. They are sorting 
> and filtering them for after that do what they have to do with the 
> information they have got.
> There is always a sentence I hate: "Can I export it to Excel?" :-) I'm 
> teaching them to use a central too and database and do not export it into a 
> tool like Excel to manipulate the data to see "exactly" how they want them.
> That's why I'm looking for a user friendly table (grid) solution where I 
> an able to format (color) the data based on some rules, sort and filter 
> them.
> As a background information: I'm coming from a windows desktop development 
> world (.NET, Delphi), where all this is not an issue, everything is 
> performing well and fast. But.. It is not web based so the deployment of 
> the updates are a kind of headache. And I like Python. :-)
> 2016. november 30., szerda 23:46:39 UTC+1 időpontban Brian M a következőt 
> írta:
>> Can you use web2py for a reporting site - sure, a lot of what I do with 
>> it is reporting. I've been using DataTables.net which can provide 
>> pagination, sorting, search, aggregation and even basic export (via 
>> TableTools) for almost free. While it can enhance regular old HTML tables, 
>> with large numbers of rows I'd definitely pass it JSON datasets instead 
>> because it'll perform much better. You could also do all sorts of client 
>> side manipulation with AngularJS, React, Ractive, etc. too. Depends on your 
>> skills and needs. As for graphing, sure you can - there are plenty of good 
>> graphing libraries out there. Lately I've been using 
>> http://www.amcharts.com/javascript-charts/ 
>> You'll need to use executesql() 
>> <http://web2py.com/books/default/chapter/29/06/the-database-abstraction-layer#executesql>
>>  to 
>> run your stored procedures since the normal DAL doesn't do them itself. 
>> One thing that concerns me is your mention of needing to display 
>> thousands of rows. I can't imagine such a large report being very user 
>> friendly. Even if it is paginated there is no way anybody can scan through 
>> that much stuff and come up with much for useful/actionable conclusions. 
>> You probably need to be looking at far better filtering and/or aggregation 
>> so that you're providing quality over raw quantity.
>> Like Alex said though - it might be worth while to look into a dedicated 
>> reports generator. You're on MSSQL so why not investigate Microsoft SQL 
>> Server Reporting Services? You can build nice interfaces in that too that'd 
>> let your users fill out simple forms. Just because it's a reports generator 
>> doesn't mean that your users have to be computer savvy enough to be able to 
>> build the reports from scratch - that's were you come in and setup the 
>> types of reports they need so that they're easy for the user to access in a 
>> way that's easy for them.
>> ~Brian
>> On Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 3:43:03 PM UTC-6, Gabor Nyul wrote:
>>> Well, my users have as good as no computer literary, so the reports 
>>> (lists) must be predefined for them.
>>> Theyhave just to enter some parameters (like date from, date to) Nd run 
>>> the reports.
>>> That's why I'm looking for an easy way to present those lists to them. 
>>> And of course, all the normal security staff (only specifically user groups 
>>> van see specific reports, where, I think web2py gives a correct solution) 
>>> should be provided.
>>> 2016. nov. 30. 22:23 ezt írta ("Alex Glaros" <alexg...@gmail.com>):
>>>> with so many reports, why not just put them in a reports generator?
>>>> this way, clients could tweak or create new simple reports themselves 
>>>> without programmer
>>>> http://blog.capterra.com/5-awesome-free-and-open-source-reporting-software-packages/
>>>> Alex Glaros
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