Just bumping this up to see if anyone has any ideas, as I have again run up 
against this limitation.

The situation I'm in is that I have a number of controller functions which 
all accept some arguments in common (for instance, an API key that has to 
be checked to allow access to the resource).  My natural inclination was to 
handle that with a decorator that strips off the arguments in question and 
passes the rest along, something like

def check_secret(func):
    def wrapper(secret, *args, **kwargs):
        secret = request.vars.pop('secret')
        if not valid_secret(secret):
             return func(*args, **kwargs)
    return wrapper

def some_service(real_arg_1, real_arg2):
    # whatever

However, this doesn't work.  The decorator returns a wrapped function that 
accepts only one "real" argument.  The service handler reads the argspec 
and only passes the "secret" argument.

I could of course write my own system for doing this, but I'd have to 
reimplement all of the function-registering that "service" does.  It would 
be nice if I could just get "service" to pass ALL of the arguments it 
receives, not just the ones named in the function argspec.  I think this 
could actually be done by making service use inspect.getargspec rather than 
manually reading co_argcount and so on, which seems much more fragile.

What is the right way to handle this situation, where I want to "factor 
out" handling of arguments that are common in different controller 

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