On Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 11:23:41 PM UTC-5, Yi Liu wrote:
> I figured a work around:
> ```
> if request.controller == 'default':
>         ctID = ctID.t_trial.f_ctid
>     else:
>         ctID = ctID.f_ctid
> ```
> It would be nice to fix from the source.

There is nothing to be done in appadmin.py -- it simply passes data to 
appadmin.html, which ultimately calls SQLTABLE. SQLTABLE itself simply 
passes the field's value and the record containing the value to the 
represent function -- it does not and cannot "interpret" the represent 
function -- it is up to you to write a represent function that works with 
the values that will be passed in.

In this case, the difference in behavior between appadmin and your 
controller is likely due to the fact that you are doing a join in the 
controller (the selects in appadmin do not involve joins). Without a join, 
values are referenced as row.fieldname, but with a join, you must use 
row.tablename.fieldname. If you need your "represent" function to 
accommodate both cases, then you must code it appropriately:

represent=lambda value, row: lastUpdateDateFormat(value, row.get('f_ctid', 

The above first attempts to get row.f_ctid, and if the "f_ctid" key does 
not exist on the row object (which would be the case when doing a join, 
unless the join also happens to include a table named "f_ctid"), it then 
uses the value row.t_trial.f_ctid.


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