hey all and anthony,

i've tried a bunch of things, including your suggestion above.  here are my 
results and this is using web2py 2.16.1.  on the client side, under the 
view's header, i have:

            a = getArray();
            //displays the grabbed array
null, '\t')+'</pre>').css('display', 'block');
f='ajaxAnalysesSummary1')}}", data:{ 'json1':JSON.stringify([1, 2, 3]) } 
}).done(function (t) {
null, '\t')+'</pre>').css('display', 'block');

where a or getArray() just reads the values of various inputs and slams 
them into a javascript/json object with the declaration "var a = { };" 
which to me is similar to a python dict.  the jQuery.post is the method i 
used to transfer the array to the server and under the post function i've 
tried various permutations on data with and without the option 
..."contentType: 'application/json', "... present or not.  the various 
permutation of data were:

data: a, 
data: JSON.stringify(a), 
data: { json1:[1, 2, 3] }, 
data: { 'json1':[1, 2, 3] }, 
data: { json1:JSON.stringify([1, 2, 3]) }, 
data: { 'json1':JSON.stringify([1, 2, 3]) }, 

and many others.  on the server side, i just have:

def ajaxAnalysesSummary1():
    #from gluon.contrib import simplejson
    dct = { 'ajaxAnalysesSummary1':True }
    get = request.vars
    dct['len1'] = len(get)
    dct['type1'] = type(get)
    dct['get1'] = get
    get = request.post_vars
    dct['len2'] = len(get)
    dct['type2'] = type(get)
    dct['get2'] = get

    get = loads(request.vars.json1)
    dct['len3'] = len(get)
    dct['type3'] = type(get)
    dct['get3'] = get
    get = request.post_vars.json1
    dct['len4'] = len(get)
    dct['type4'] = type(get)
    dct['get4'] = get
    return DIV(dct)

where the client will display the dct of type dict passed to DIV.

the only way that consistently works is when i use JSON.stringify(a) on the 
client side, both 2nd and last, worked under the above data options, and 
loads on the server side.  the loads will convert the pure "a" json object, 
in the 2nd data option, to a proper addressable python dict, or as json1 
variable converted with the python dict under that variable.  the values of 
the dict still have to be processed into int or double depending on their 
twins on the db side.

but in every permutation, setting the option of "contentType: 
'application/json'" returned no data under request.vars or 

so, i believe i go with the working model of JSON.stringify on the client 
side with loads on the server side.  makes sense and i believe a solid 


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