I'm considering using cert-based logins for privileged users, and staying 
with basic login for less privileged users (the privilege itself is managed 
by using auth_groups).

In the book, at
the sub-paragraph for X509 concludes with
"This works out of the box with Rocket (the web2py built-in web server) but 
you may need some extra configuration work on the web server side if you 
are using a different web server. In particular you need to tell your web 
server where the certificates are located on local host and that it needs 
to verify certificates coming from the clients. How to do it is web server 
dependent and therefore omitted here."

This blog entry seems to describe what I need, which is for nginx; so do I 
have the omitted how-to covered?

In my case, the less privileged users will usually be using a libcurl call 
to transfer error information to my server, and only occasionally using a 
web page via browser to do the same task.  Privileged users will mostly be 
using browsers, and only occasionally going through the call/api method.

The book goes on to talk about multiple login forms.  I'm a little unclear 
about how "signals are set in the request", and what would be the 
appropriate signal for a cert.


Dave S

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