I'm developping an workflow application, to create documents (or needs or 
purchase requests..) that have to be validated by many users.
This appli will work in an intranet. The user are authentified thru an AD.

I have 2 questions, 2 needs :
First one, due to the AD and internal policy, users always work with an 
authentification ; they start the PC and type login, and so on. Impossible 
to start a tool without authenticate. This appli is an internal appli, not 
reachable form outside.
Question : is it possible to run the appli, create document, validate 
document.... by getting the ID of the user on the network ( on the AD), 
without displaying a "login" screen ?
We already have to type login and password again for each tool we run, 
login again and again, while we are already authenticated.

Second one : for each step of this process (on documents), the system has 
to send email to many users (the one who created the document, the next one 
that will have to validate). I already know the ID of all users of this 
workflow, I have to request the AD to know the email address.
... today it works thru a view in SQL-server ==> 
  SELECT sAMAccountName AS Login, Name AS Nom_Complet, mail AS Adresse_Mail 
     'SELECT sAMAccountName, Name ,mail,  userAccountControl   FROM  
''LDAP://xxx.dom/OU="Comptes XXX",DC=xxx,DC=dom'' WHERE objectClass =  
''User'' ')
                          AS tblADSI
     WHERE        (userAccountControl = 512)
.... I'd prefer do this directly from my app.

Thanks in advance 

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