Sounds to me like the authorization system in web2py would work perfectly.  
Give a set of users access to a subset of the functionality.

Have you read 

Using auth_group, auth_membership and auth_permission along with the method 
decorators should give you all the control you need to restrict these users 
to a subset of your application.

I don't think you need a separate user table, just assign the users to 
groups.  You wouldn't even need permissions, just authorize/restrict based 
on group membership.

Give that a try and then let us know if it will work for you.


On Wednesday, February 14, 2018 at 4:16:50 PM UTC-6, icodk wrote:
> I have a "standard"  web2py application that uses the built in 
> authentication system with sign in, login/out , forgot/change password etc.
> In addition, I need to  manage "departmental" users that should not have 
> access to the main application but only to a subset of services.
> Is there a way to leverage the authentication system but  to use a 
> different user table. In other words I would like to run two parallel  but 
> separated authentication system 
> Any idea  how to do it ? 

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