I have a VPS using ubuntu 16.04, nginx, Postgres and web2py 2.16.1.

I tried to execute one controller that populate some tables and got the 
error below.

Then, I used that command to create a csv file with all tables and uploaded 
it in my desktop using SQLITE and no error were found.

The controller coud create some rows before the error.

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/www-data/py27env/web2py/gluon/restricted.py", line 219, in 
    exec(ccode, environment)
 line 633, in <module>
  File "/home/www-data/py27env/web2py/gluon/globals.py", line 419, in <lambda>
    self._caller = lambda f: f()
 line 21, in gera_plano_carreira
    vgraduacao = gera_graduacao()
 line 56, in gera_graduacao
    for r in rows:
  File "/home/www-data/py27env/web2py/gluon/packages/dal/pydal/objects.py", 
line 3039, in __iter__
    row = next(self)
  File "/home/www-data/py27env/web2py/gluon/packages/dal/pydal/objects.py", 
line 3014, in __next__
    db_row = self.cursor.fetchone()
  File "/home/www-data/py27env/web2py/gluon/contrib/pg8000/core.py", line 947, 
in fetchone
    return next(self)
  File "/home/www-data/py27env/web2py/gluon/contrib/pg8000/core.py", line 1032, 
in __next__
  File "/home/www-data/py27env/web2py/gluon/contrib/pg8000/core.py", line 2088, 
in handle_messages
    raise self.error
ProgrammingError: (u'ERROR', u'34000', u'portal "pg8000_portal_13259" does not 
exist', u'postgres.c', u'1861', u'exec_execute_message', u'', u'')

*Thanks your helping.*

*Best regards*


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