Thanks, Dave. That's helpful information.

On Wednesday, 24 January 2018 10:07:04 UTC-7, Julian Sanchez wrote:
> I'm having troubles with the reset password functionality and I'm hoping 
> you guys can give me some pointers on what to check, or how to fix it 
> (version 2.16.1 stable, running from source).
> When running my application in GAE I can go to the reset password page 
> ('default/user/request_reset_password') and enter the email address, but 
> when I click on 'Request reset password' button It goes straight to the 
> internal error page, and the logs show "TypeError: long() argument must be 
> a string or a number, not 'auth_user'".
> I re-downloaded the web2py source code and put it on a separate location.  
> I simply went to the default app and registered a test user.  When I 
> clicked on the "Lost Password" menu option it went straight to a "404 NOT 
> So at this point I'm not sure if my application is doing something wrong 
> or if it's an issue with the actual framework since the default application 
> doesn't seem to be working right.  I've seen other posts around password 
> reset not working but seem to be related to other issues.  Any 
> ideas/suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Julian

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