never see that error.  use postgres all the time. Can you try with a fresh 
db and nothing in databases... adding one table at the time? My help narrow 
it down.

On Thursday, 1 March 2018 16:37:04 UTC-6, greenpoise wrote:
> Hello there.
> Been trying to revive an app I had and somewhere in between updates it 
> broke which is not a big deal but here is the thing. I switched (on a new 
> blank .py model), to postgresql from SQLITE and all I get is errors similar 
> to this:
> self.errorProgrammingError(u'ERROR', u'42P07', u'relation ..., u'1066', u'
> heap_create_with_catalog', u'', u'')
> so..after a while I decided to go back to SQLite and the tables work and 
> are created. Just wanted to throw this in here.
> thanks

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