You cannot. Passwords are actually one-way hashed, not encrypted. This is 
by design so that the password can never be figure out even if your 
database and code are compromised. What happens is that the password the 
user enters is hashed in the same way and the result is compared to what is 
in the DB.

On Friday, April 6, 2018 at 9:33:37 AM UTC-7, Luis Sucuc wrote:
> How can I decrypt a password from the auth_user table?
> user = db( == user_id).select().first()
> print user.password
> # --output--
> # 
> pbkdf2(1000,20,sha512)$8d7c80fb77386465$532cd8dd495f703337cf3c261a01801b3155f36c

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