I have a table that follows the following structure:

                Field('IssueYr', 'integer',
                     requires = [IS_NOT_EMPTY(), IS_INT_IN_RANGE(1965,2018, 
a valid year of issue")],
                     widget = lambda f, v: SQLFORM.widgets.integer.widget(f, 
v, _autofocus=True)),
                Field('State', 'string', default=None, represent=lambda 
state: state or '',
                Field('Other', 'string', default=None, represent=lambda 
Other: Other or '', 

And I use use SQLFORM() to fill out the fields..  "State" is defined for 
certain issueYrs, for other years a javascript trigger skips to the "Other" 
field.  This works well, and the State_list dropdown works as expected.  
But it turns out that the State_list can be subdivided with 4 or 5 
corresponding to a given year.  I do additional validation on the basis of 
this (to catch typo'd years).  It would be nice to take advantage of that 
subdivision in the dropdown, only offering the, um, slice of states for the 
year that has been entered.  For the validation, I have a dictionary where 
the keys are years and the values are the matching states.  Is there a 
widget that I can pass the value-list to for use in the dropdown, using the 
javascript trigger to handle the key lookup?

I looked at the autocomplete widget, and it's tied to a database field, so 
that's not very convenient for this use-case.  I'm not totally against 
having essentially static tables when appropriate, but it seems like 
overkill for this.


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