On Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 7:20:09 AM UTC-7, dirman wrote:
> Is there an issue sending reset password and verification mails in version 
> 2.15.4?
> I am using port 587 with tls set to True and hosted on a vps server.
> server = smtp.zoho.com:587
> sender =mydoma...@domain.com
> login = mydoma...@domain.com:password
> tls =True
> getting 'Unable to send mail' error message
I don't know about auth mails, but I can send email just fine in 2.15.4.  
I'm on an AWS Linux instance, and letting the local sendmail provide the 
mail service.   I'm doing this from a scheduler thread.

For some mail servers, two-factor authentication is required, but gmail has 
an "allow some clients" setting that can be used.  I'm not doing the search 
terms correctly, but there is prior discussion in this group.


i can send email using smtp setting from python script but not with web2py  
> auth.settings.mailer

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