Hey folks,

I'm attempting to upload a file directly without the use of a SQLForm but 
rather the ordinary FORM.
>From previous threads regarding the topic i figured my controller should 
look something like this:

def index():
    import shutil 
    form = FORM( 
            INPUT( _name="upload", _type="file"),
        INPUT( _type="Submit", _value="Upload" ))
    if form.accepts(request,session):
        if form.vars: 
    return dict (form = form)

yet no file appears in the folder of my path. I'm not sure if the problem 
is with my code or maybe elsewhere, for example permission based. I'm using 
a raspberry with a raspiban os. i Already tried to start python as root 

Can someone spot a mistake in the code? has someone tried to run this on a 
debian based os and knows if its a permission problem? I'm aware of the 
potential dangers of the shutil.copyfileobj, so no worries about that.


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