On Monday, April 16, 2018 at 11:47:28 AM UTC-4, Leonel Câmara wrote:
> Note that in web2py you can actually do something like this:
> db.define_table('tag', Field('name'))
> db.define_table('debate'. Field('title'))
> db.define_table('debate_tag', Field('tag', 'reference tag'), 
> Field('debate', 'reference debate'))
> Then say you want to know the tags debate with id 1 has
> db.debate[1].debate_tag.select()

Also, note that db.debate[1].debate_tag is a DAL Set object, which can be 
called and passed an additional query to further refine the results:

db.debate[1].debate_tag((db.debate_tag.tag == db.tag.id) & (db.tag.name.


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