Hi everyone,

I currently have a function in the default.py controller like the one below:

def overview():

    some code goes here
    return dict(income=json(income), form=form, bank=bank)

The first  variable is passed to the javascript tag in order to render a 
chart trough Chart.js

The last two variables are passed to the body of the view in order to 
render a form and generate a bank integer argument to redirect to a 
different controller/function upon clicking on an <a> tag.

As it is, everything is working great.

I was just wondering whether there is a way to make the first variable be 
retrieved by an AJAX function while the two others be sent to the view.

I can do it by creating two functions like these, but I need everything in 
the same controller:

def json_function():
     some code here
     return response.json(income)

def overview():

    some code goes here
    return dict(form=form, bank=bank)
Can I write these actions in just one controller?

My intention is to update the chart through an Ajax call without refreshing 
the page.

Many thanks.


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