On Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 6:50:44 PM UTC-7, lucas wrote:
> so, i've figured out that the entire blob stream is not being fully 
> retrieved, only 29 of the 5513 bytes are being retrieved:
> in my debugging: here is an experimental / expanded of the above 
> function:::
> table, id, field, stream, and d are all working.  but the d[field] under 
> stream.write(d[field]) seems to only retrieve 29 bytes of the 5513 total 
> bytes, as verified by the binary file write i have below.
> def getbinary():
>     table = db[request.args[0]]
>     id = int(request.args[1])
>     field = table[request.args[2]]
>     try:
>         stream = StringIO()
>         d = db(table.id==id).select(field).first()
>         stream.write(d[field])
>     except:
>         return CAT('exception getbinary():', BR(), 'table:', table, 
> type(table), BR(), 'id:', id, type(id), BR(), 'field:', field, type(field))
>     #data = base64.b64decode(data)
>     #data = data.decode('base64')
>     f = open('/opt/web-apps/web2py/applications/tms/out1.png', 'wb')
>     f.write(stream.getvalue())
>     f.close()
>     return CAT(type(stream), BR(), stream)
>     response.headers['Content-Type'] = 'image/png'
>     return response.write(data, escape=False)
I have no concrete suggestions, but which DB back end are you using?  
Handling blob fields are, AIUI, one of the ways they differ.

I have this silly thought that it's something like the string "truncation" 
you get when UTF-16 is viewed as a string.



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