Dear All ,
Anybody using gevent with web2py ?
I always getting error :
>> greenlet.error: cannot switch to a different thread

>>gevent.exceptions.LoopExit: This operation would block forever
>> Hub: <Hub '' at 0x119e9ba20 select pending=0 ref=0 
resolver=<gevent.resolver_thread.Resolver at 0x119e9a550 pool=<ThreadPool 
at 0x119e9a588 0/10/10 hub=<Hub at >>0x119e9ba20 
thread_ident=0x123145489817600>>> threadpool=<ThreadPool at 0x119e9a588 
0/10/10 hub=<Hub at 0x119e9ba20 thread_ident=0x123145489817600>> 
>> Handles: []

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