Thanks for your reply.

Maybe override was not the best term.  We can create the users using the 
userid and groupid as the ids in the user, group and membership tables, but 
as Web2Py out of the box creates an id (sequentially incremented) we are 
concerned that specifying a different id might have repercussions down the 
Also because the automatically generated ids in the other auth tables may 
be different between pillars.

I have been looking into this further and I don't think we will have a 
problem if we create the user and group tables using our own unique id's in 
the id fields.  

On Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 8:16:00 PM UTC+2, Val K wrote:
> why do you have to override ids? You can just create users with the 
> required ids.

- (Documentation)
- (Source code)
- (Report Issues)
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