The only solution I've found is adding a simple field like that:
Field('no_spam', requires=IS_EQUAL_TO('4',error_message=T('Must be 4')), 
type='integer', label=T('2 + 2 ='), comment=T('Are you human?'))

Probably too simple but I don't have yet a better solution.

Il giorno lunedì 23 settembre 2019 08:28:30 UTC+2, Gaël Princivalle ha 
> Hello.
> I've added reCaptcha to one of my applications but one of my Chinese users 
> send me this feedback, he's not able to log in anymore.
> In fact Google is blocked in China, reCaptcha is provided by Google, so 
> the form cannot be validated.
> I've removed reCaptcha.
> Is there another (easy) way to add another captcha system to Web2py?
> Thanks. 

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