py4web 0.1.20200210.2 installed
Created "myapp" from scaffold


Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "C:\Python37\lib\site-packages\py4web\", line 547, in wrapper

    ret = func(*func_args, **func_kwargs)

  File "C:\Python37\lib\site-packages\py4web\", line 508, in wrapper

    ret = func(*args, **kwargs)

  File "apps\myapp\", line 36, in index

    message = T("Hello {first_name}".format(**user))

KeyError: 'first_name'

I think the app needs at first a registered user, but @authenticated() does
not ask for.

def index():
    user = auth.get_user()
    message = T("Hello {first_name}".format(**user))
    return dict(message=message, user=user)

Regards Martin

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