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Somebody out there must be using Spinneret, can you please help?

Is Spinneret now defunct? If yes, then why was that Win32 build issue resolved just 10 days ago? Is someone successfully using Spinneret with the new Win32 build?

We originally made Spinneret as a testbed for Windows WebKit, when there was no WebKit-based Windows browser available for Windows. Now that Safari is out, those of us at Apple are not really maintaining Spinneret, since you can use Safari to test. We don't have a simple testbed app for Mac OS X in the source tree either. We're accepting patches from others who want to fix it, but we're not really going to maintain it ourselves, and we think other browsers using WebKit in general should be hosted separately.

What's the interest level in keeping Spinneret in the WebKit repository? Would people object to removing it entirely?


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