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Let's try this again, this time with the text:

I have a server in my domain called 'chat' and have a Tomcat server running there on port 8081. On that Tomcat server I have web application the provides
an RSS feed. The URL I normally use is:


This page is a form allowing me to select the feeds I want from the server. This works correctly. Now when I tell the server that parameters for the RSS I
start getting issues. The RSS query is:


Is it correct that one is char and the other is chat?

In any case, please file a bug, and attach a tcpflow dump of the network transaction. It looks like something is misinterpreting "chat:" as a protocol instead of a host name, but I can't tell just by guessing

What happens is that I get told:

The page you opened redirected you to a page that isn’t supported by Safari. Safari can’t open the page “chat:8081/ds/rss.do?report=visits” because it
 cannot redirect to locations starting with “chat:”.

This is strange since this page works correctly in Firefox (Mac, Linux, Windows), IE6 and Opera. Using wget also shows no redirection happening. I am
suspecting that this is something is Safari/Webkit going funny.

A few things I have tried:

1 - changing application/rss+xml -> application/xml -- same behaviour

 2 - changing application/rss+xml -> text/plain -- same behaviour

3 - changing <rss version="2.0"> to <xxx version="2.0"> -- same behaviour

 4 - doing both 3 and 4 -- URL doesn't get mangled

It sounds like this is something Safari RSS is doing, probably it converts the URL to a feed: URL by stripping off the "http:", and prepending feed:, but then it mistakenly thinks chat: is the URI of what the feed: protocol points to. But it's hard to be sure without a reproducible case, and I'm not sure why the query would affect this.


5 - changing host name to or fully qualified chat.mydomain.com
-- URL doesn't get mangled

This affects Safari 3 and the latest WebKit build (2007-07-18) on the Mac. It
also seems focused on RSS being the document type.


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