On Jul 25, 2007, at 1:02 PM, Patrick Hanna wrote:

I am running into a segmentation fault in Collector::collectOnMainThreadOnly on the line that reads:


I believe that the reason is because the address passed in as 'value' is the address of a stack variable. This address comes from PluginsFunc::callAsFunction. PluginBase is created on the stack and the constructor for DOMObject calls Collector::collectOnMainThreadOnly with 'this' as the parameter.

My question is, should Collector::collectOnMainThreadOnly work with stack pointers? If it is supposed to work, when does the CollectorBlock for the stack object get created? Specificy, CollectorBlock::collectOnMainThreadOnly is the structure that I'm running in to problems with.

That's definitely a bug. It's illegal to create JSObject subclasses on the stack at all, as this will break garbage collection. Please file it. I think it's only through luck that it's not crashing for others (and maybe it is, but we just don't know it yet.)

Two possible solutions:

1) make refresh() a static member function of PluginBase, since it only touches static data members anyway. Then you won't need to instantiate a PluginBase object.

2) Have PluginFuncs look at the "this" object, which should be a Plugins, which inherits from PluginBase and thus should have the refresh method.

Do you have steps to consistently reproduce this bug?


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