Thanks for the info and links.  I was hoping for more of a time-line, but it

looks like that would be a bit premature for this project, eh?  Seems to
be in an early stage -- hence the home on trolltech's lab.

The production build I was able to complete either crashed or rendered
nothing at all.  Unexpected, was the only URL that did not
crash for me in limited testing.  And since I could not complete the debug
build, I can't tell you much about the failure modes!

I have had better results with earlier builds, so I'm guessing this is
an anomaly.

Common sense tells me WebKitQt will not be a viable option for us
in the 6-9 month time-frame.  But we are Qt-based and we really
want a cross platform browser solution, so I may be able to offer
some help -- provided there is some hope of hitting a stable release
in our short horizon.


On 9/13/07, Adam Treat <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Thursday 13 September 2007, KC Jones wrote:
> > The Windows Qt build is busted for me.  Is this known, or have I muffed
> > something?  The compilation failure concerns pthread.h while compiling
> > .\WebCore\dom\Document.cpp:
> >
> > [...]\WebKit\WebCore\platform\Threading.h(33) : fatal error C1083:
> Cannot
> > open include file: 'pthread.h': No such file or directory
> >
> > The file Threading.h was introduced in revision 25416 on Sep 7.  I have
> > heard no mention of this problem on this list.  Is this a known bug?
> The windows version of QtWebKit is very new and hasn't received a lot of
> attention.  I haven't event built it yet as I don't have a working windows
> machine.
> BTW, Simon/Lars, what is the plan for the buildbots now that Zack has
> left?
> Are you guys planning on providing a windows buildbot?  Perhaps we can
> host
> host some buildbots at SCS...
> > I tried reverting to revision 25415 (after parsing through the
> > update-webkit script to do it by hand).  The release target built
> > successfully but was utterly unstable.  The debug target, surprisingly,
> > didn't build at all -- didn't even get to the compilation stage.
> >
> > Which makes me wonder...  Is there a roadmap for the WebKitQt project
> that
> > I have not seen on  Are there branches or labeled versions
> that
> Here is the roadmap:
> > identify more stable source bases for various builds?  Is this an
> No, there are no more stable branches.
> I have no idea whether the windows version of QtWebKit is 'utterly
> unstable',
> but I wouldn't describe the linux version that way at this point.
> > appropriate forum for asking questions about the roadmap?  I'm trying to
> Yes, this is the correct forum for these types of questions.  And of
> course
> when it actually builds please report any bugs to the bugzilla or even
> better
> patches :)
> Cheers,
> Adam
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