Hi Everyone,

Trunk has been closed to new feature development and risky changes in general for a long time. Most of the need to do heavy stabilization has passed. In the meantime, we have had feature-branch, which has recently been updated and brought much closer to trunk. It's time for trunk to reopen soon. If there are no objections, we'd like to execute the following sometime tomorrow:

1) Announce that trunk and feature-branch are temporarily closed to commits.

2) Create branches/safari-3-branch/ from trunk/. This is the branch that Apple will use for final stabilization of and updates to Safari 3. We'd like to keep this branch Apple-managed, since we will have to comply with Apple-internal release engineering process. However, we welcome and encourage others to track this branch with their own stabilization branches, either in SVN or elsewhere. We may be able to merge in port-specific changes that do not affect the core code, but it's best not to assume such changes can go in.

3) Merge all patches one at a time from branches/feature-branch/ onto trunk/. We are doing this instead of just using an svn copy so that revisions on trunk remain in order, to allow tools like the nightlies and buildbots to maintain sanity and to make future history bisection searches to continue to work. At this point feature-branch/ will be obsolete and will be renamed to indicate this.

4) Announce that trunk is once again open for general development.

We will keep trunk nightlies and buildbots, and will add nightlies and buildbots for the stable branch as quickly as we can.

Note: if you are currently on feature-branch then you can follow the change transparently by using svn switch once trunk reopens.

If anyone has comments or objections, let me know. We will likely pull the trigger on this tomorrow afternoon (US Pacific time).


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