On Nov 9, 2007, at 10:47 AM, Philippe Kalaf wrote:

Hi guys,

I created a new wiki page at :


The point is to track the specs that are currently supported or not. For the specs that are being worked on (partially supported), we should have
a detailed progress page similar to the SVG status page at :


My knowledge of the supported specs is limited so I only modestly filled
in the table. I would appreciate it if everyone pitched in to complete
this table. If you are working on a spec please create a detailed status
page as well.

Once we have a more complete tables, I can write a script that would
convert them into a nicer colored HTML tables that we can have on the
main website.

Thanks for creating this page - I think it's a useful resource. I think instead of a yes/no support page, we should list specifications we are targeting, and rough status of implementation. No implementation of a web spec is truly bug-free so I am not sure it is ever correct to say "Full", but it could be in a "Stable" state where you think you have complete feature coverage and few known bugs.

Also, I'm not sure we need to mention standards that we are *not* targeting. I will update the list with this in mind.


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