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thanks very much for all the comments. let me be more specific about my problem.

i want to add multimodal capabilities to the webkit. I want to trigger (or communicate with) an external app based on events happening in the xhtml document. Also i want to insert custom events into the XHTML context based on results from the external process. Is there any way i can do this with current version of webkit. any pointers on what needs to be done?

Are you working with the Mac OS X WebKit API? If so, you can use the Objective-C DOM API to attach native event listeners, and to inject custom events. Alternately, you can use the Objective-C JavaScript bindings to export a custom native object to JavaScript, and call that from event listeners defined in script or using onxxx handlers. You could also use the JavaScript bindings to call JavaScript functions that dispatch custom events.

Which way works better will depend on the details of your application.


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