> It seems like a good idea to share as much code as we can between ports
> rather than forking files.

Absolutely, that was the original reason behind platform/cocoa!

> To that end, would it be possible for someone to explain the exact meaning
> of PLATFORM(MAC) and the intended use of the platform/cocoa directory?

I added this to allow shared code between PLATFORM(MAC) and
PLATFORM(IPHONE). You can see some of the discussion and original
patches on this bug:

Checking the svn history on WebCore/platform/cocoa would give you some
history on it as well.

> If a certain file uses Cocoa and is shared between OS X ports (including 
> Chromium),
> where should the file go?

It could be that "cocoa" is a misleading name. We thought of "darwin" at the 
But putting code in platform/cocoa would be fine if the code is shared. Do you
have a specific example in mind?

- Joe
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