On Aug 9, 2010, at 12:48 PM, Pavel Feldman wrote:
> See the screencast at http://screencast.com/t/YTI2OTY4YTEt. It has Chromium 
> nightly to the left +
> WebKit nightly to the right. WebKit nightly connects remotely to Chromium 
> over HTTP on the port
> 9222 and does remote debugging including DOM inspection, breakpoints and such.

Great demo!

> [...] The blog post would draw attention to the Web Inspector and its 
> progress, share the remote
> debugging vision with the interested parties and would simply look cool. [...]

> What do you think, is it ready for a blog post?

The concern I had was that this isn't readily available in the browser for 
on webkit.org (WebKit nightly). In that way, I think for many it will feel a 
bit like a
teaser. However, WebKit is an open source project, so I'd expect to see all 
kinds of
WebKit related news and blog posts available there.

In the end I feel the more publicity the better. Especially when someone just
expressed an interest in seeing more interesting blog posts.

The last blog post on the Web Inspector was in April. Before that it was 
That was a 5 month spread, and this would be a 4 month spread. Thats a pretty
consistent rate showing off awesome work.

- Joe

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