Hello Sergiy,

I've got a bunch of links for different areas where work has been done.

Some information on the "protocol" and is outlined in the following links. I 
don't think they are up to date; I think things have improved and evolved since 
then. Pavel and Ilya may be able to comment more on the protocol since there 
has been quite a bit of work recently splitting it up into different domains to 
turn on/off debugging different "domains" or feature sets. But I think the 
protocol has been stable for a while. I think they even had some discussion 
with the Firebug team when they talked about a debugging protocol, but I can't 
seem to find where that discussion took place.
<http://webkit.org/b/43732> Web Inspector: Remote debugging meta-bug

Here is a screencast, previously posted to this list, of it working in Chromium:

There has been some work on an internal WebKit solution based on Web Sockets:
<http://webkit.org/b/43988> Web Inspector: Remote Web Inspector support for 
QtWebKit [Already Landed]
<http://webkit.org/b/51364> Web Inspector: Remote Web Inspector - Cross 
Platform InspectorServer [Open - Issues to be Worked Out]

External to WebKit, Patrick Mueller has been working on weinre. Patrick is on 
this list and might comment more:
http://pmuellr.github.com/weinre/index.html (https://github.com/pmuellr/weinre)

- Joe

On Feb 18, 2011, at 7:04 AM, Sergiy Temnikov wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm working on a remote JavaScript debugger for a server which uses webkit to 
> execute JavaScript code. The debugger is shaping up nicely and is already 
> very much functional. We chose Crossfire as the debugging protocol and 
> developed our own UI debugger client. However, being Crossfire-compatible, 
> should allow us in the (hopefully near) future to debug the server-side 
> JavaScript using Firefox with Firebug and Crossfire plug-ins. I was wondering 
> if there are any plans in the webkit community to create a native remote 
> JavaScript debugger as part of the webkit build. If there are such plans then 
> what would be the debugging protocol of choice? Webkit is already available 
> on mobile devices but because of the screen size limitations it is not always 
> reasonable to debug the Javascript directly on a device. Instead, it would be 
> nice to debug the device's  JavaScript from a regular PC over the network.
> If any of you are already working on a similar subject then please share your 
> thoughts and comments regarding your particular implementation, which 
> protocol you use and how you see remote debugging appearing in webkit.
> Regards,
> -Sergiy Temnikov
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