Hi All,
Thanks for the reply Geoff.
I am currently facing an issue where in after deleting the webview, but not
exiting the application, after some time the javascript gc thread is seg
faulting. The breakpoints that I have added are also not hitting. So I
think that gc thread is still active even though webview has been deleted.
Are my assumptions correct regarding the js gc thread?
One more query is that JSDOMWindowBase::commonJSGlobalData is a static
object. Again I do not see any one clearing it on webview deletion. Is this
correct behavior?

On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 12:23 PM, Geoffrey Garen <gga...@apple.com> wrote:

> So now to my question : Is it required to delete JSGlobalData and kill the
> GC thread if we keep on re-creating the webview again and again without
> exiting the process?
> No.
> Geoff

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