The ARM support for DFG-JIT is finished, and the patch is ready to review
at bug 90198.


> On the topic of JIT support, the baseline JIT's role is increasingly only
> to serve only to gather profiling data for the DFG JIT, and if you want
> high performance JavaScript on your platform you need to have the DFG JIT
> enabled.
> As the purpose of the two JITs becomes increasingly coupled it may grow
> difficult to support the baseline JIT alone without the DFG JIT (we
> already have a maze of ifdefs for the two JITs, two interpreters,
> assembler support, value profiling support, etc), so any platforms that
> want to continue to keep a JIT enabled should probably look into
> supporting the DFG JIT sooner rather than later.
> cheers,
> G.

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