Dear WebKit Developers,

A quick status update on the MIPS port progress:
- we have a build-only buildslave running (
(it is currently failing, a patch was already submitted to:

- we have DFG and LLINT working for MIPS. We are going to start sending in
the patches today or tomorrow. We plan to submit the work in 3 parts, as 3
separate issues in bugzilla:
- common parts, which are used by both LLINT and DFG
- LLINT MIPS implementation
- DFG MIPS implementation

Should we CC someone directly on these bugs to make the reviews easier?

- Our porting effort uses the following git repository as a staging area:
The master branch in this repository is a direct mirror of the main trunk branch.
With the mips-master branch we are tracking the master branch, but also add
a few MIPS specific patches that we are preparing for submitting back to
the main webkit repository. Once we get LLINT and DFG accepted, the
difference between the webkit trunk and our mips-master branch will be
minimal: just the patches that were not yet accepted to webkit trunk. No
"forking" or added "exclusive" features are intended here in this
repository. We are committed to submit all MIPS support patches to the main repository.

Best Regards,
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