Dear Webkit Developers,

We submitted MIPS implementations for LLINT and the DFG JIT.

We also kept the patches rebased as the webkit-trunk moved forward, the
latest update of the patches were uploaded today.

Filip Pizlo was very helpful with refactoring LLINT to better accommodate
the different RISC-like architectures. The latest versions of this patch
already use this new infrastructure of the offline assembler (risc.rb).

We also implemented the DFG JIT for MIPS. However, unfortunately we did not
receive any review comments for it yet.

3. We also have another pending patch, which is not MIPS specific, but a
fix to the style checker which should help anyone who is submitting patches
with asm() statements:

This patch has also attracted no review comments so far.

Could anyone please help us in getting these patches reviewed, and
(hopefully) accepted into webkit trunk?

Please let us know if we are not properly following the contribution

Thank you for your support,
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