Hi WebKit folks,

I worked on the Path interface defined by the Canvas spec of W3C and WHATWG 
[1][2] for the last couple of weeks.

Canvas supports a new DOM interface called Path. The Path interface takes a 
series of very well known path methods like moveTo, lineTo, cubicCurveTo, rect 
and allows to create and keep a path independent of a Canvas context. 
Additionally, I added the attribute 'currentPath' to the Canvas context to 
provide read and write access to the current path created on the Canvas 
context. Code snippet:

var path = new Path();

var ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');
ctx.currentPath = path;

var path2 = ctx.currentPath; // path2 != path

Not implemented are addText, addPath,  addPathByStrokingText. Another proposal 
from Rik Cabanier[3] seems to address the idea behind these methods better.

I would like to ask to enable CANVAS_PATH by default on trunk. Ports can 
opt-out the flag again. More information about some implementation details in a 
short article[4]. If there are any concerns, suggestions or questions, I am 
happy to answer them.


[1] http://www.w3.org/html/wg/drafts/2dcontext/html5_canvas/#path-objects
[3] http://blogs.adobe.com/webplatform/2013/01/31/revised-canvas-paths/
[4] http://dschulze.com/blog/articles/10/html-canvas-path-object-in-webkit
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