> On Oct 8, 2013, at 1:02 AM, Dirk Schulze <dschu...@adobe.com> wrote:
> I hope you understand that I am not particularly concerned about Apples 
> screen reader solution. It is one implementation. I would like to know if 
> JAWS, NVDA, Dolphin and other are aboard.

Withe the exception of NVDA, the other screen reader vendors are typically 
uninvolved in the standards process, so I would not expect feedback. As for 
NVDA, none of the other browsers expose even plain text generated content, so 
this likely just represents a problem that they don’t know they have yet. I did 
discuss this solution in the PF working group before proposing it to CSS.

That said, this change would not require the screen readers (including 
VoiceOver) to do anything special. It just changes the way the UAs expose a bit 
of text (or an image text alternative) to the accessibility APIs, so I don’t 
think buy-in from screen reader vendors is critical. This is a browser issue, 
and all the browser vendors have representatives in CSS.
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