On Jan 6, 2014, at 12:01 PM, Dan Bernstein <m...@apple.com> wrote:

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>> On Jan 6, 2014, at 11:55 AM, Darin Adler <da...@apple.com> wrote:
>> I suggest we use nullptr, rather than of 0 or NULL, for all pointer nulls in 
>> WebKit C++ sources. I don’t see any advantage to using 0 or NULL over 
>> nullptr, and nullptr has multiple advantages. Three obvious ones: Compile 
>> time error if accidentally passed to something expecting an integer, can be 
>> distinguished from an integer in function overloading, can tell it’s a 
>> pointer.
>> Any objections?

I think this is a great idea and something I’ve been doing ever since nullptr 
became available to us.

>> — Darin
>> PS: Maybe even instead of nil in WebKit Objective-C++ code?
> In Objective-C++, nil is nullptr, so I suggest that we stick with the 
> language convention of writing it as nil.

I agree. (Also, using Nil for null classes).

- Anders

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