If you don’t care about building WebKit on Windows, you can stop reading now!

Still here?  Okay:

I’m attempting to make the Windows build rely less on the Cygwin tool chain. 
There are a number of reasons for this, but one of the major benefits I hope to 
derive is to reduce the amount of effort required to successfully build WebKit 
on Windows.

In service of that goal, I am actually making things slightly more complicated: 
you now need to install a Windows build of Perl and Python, You can use 
ActiveState’s builds (http://downloads.activestate.com), or the ‘official’ 
Windows ports of these products.

If you encounter any problems with this “dual Perl/dual Python” situation, 
please let me know and I’ll work to resolve whatever difficulty you encounter. 
However, based on my testing on our internal build machines I do not anticipate 
you will have any trouble.


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