It looks like nobody has raised any concern against Streams API. We even got positive feedback from Anne. :)

I have two concerns:
1) You have many patches waiting for review. I think you need to get better communication channels with reviewers in order to iterate over your patches faster. It is unfortunate but getting complex patches reviewed in WebKit requires poking reviewers directly. Since you work on the network stack, I suggest asking Alexey (ap) and Pratik (psolanki) on IRC, they can help with reviews or suggest other reviewers. 2) Streams is a large spec and it touches platform code. Please be careful with stability, make more tests than reasonable and #ifdef everything.

I suggest the flag name "ENABLE_STREAMS_API", I find "ENABLE_STREAMS" a bit too generic.

If you open a meta bug, please send the bug number to the mailing list for reference.

Good luck :)

On 10/30/14, 4:02 PM, youenn fablet wrote:
Hi all,

I would like to add support for the streams API ([1], [2]), starting
with readable streams and their integration with XHR and loaders.
This work is expected to happen behind a flag.


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