Hi again,

it seems the ISP of my office or somebody else on the route
is responsible for slowness, I have ~10-20% packet loss. :(
(Everything works fine from home with 0-1% packet loss.)

Unfortunately I still don't get any bugzilla e-mail, but
I got all webkit-dev mails. (However I am subscribed to
webkit-dev with this mail address, but set the webkit.org
one in bugzilla - which is forwarded to this one.) Does
everything work fine on the Apple side? If yes, I'll
ping my email service provider.


Osztrogonác Csaba írta:
*.webkit.org sites (trac,bugs,build) are extremely slow
from here (Europe/Hungary) and I didn't get any bugzilla
mail 2 days ago, but I should have got many.

Is it a known issue and/or is anybody working on the fix?
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