I have enabled to TextureMapper and TextureMapper GL enablements in my
port.  I have implemented an AcceleratedCompositing class that is similar
to the Windows one.  The biggest difference between the Windows
AcceleratedCompositing class and the one that I implemented is that it
creates the GLContext offscreen.  Also the port that I am working on using
a cairo image buffer as it's main rendering context.  This is all happening
in a WebKit implementation and not a WebKit2 implementation, so no
coordinated graphics.

My question is, when should the texture mapper be placing things on the
screen?  I can't seem to find where it should be rendering it's content in
to the main context.  Or is it that I should implement things in such a way
that everything is rendered through my AcceleratedComposite class, and then
when the time comes, read the pixels out of the GL context and put them in
to the cairo surface?

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